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Ermila Hair Clippers

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Ermila Motion Nano

Innovative cord / cordless trimmer No. 1585-0040
 Ermila Motion Nano
 Ermila Motion Nano
102,90 €

3-5 workdays


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High-quality professional stainless steel blade set “Made in Germany”. Powerful ultra close 0.4 mm cutting. Closed backside of the blade set optimizes hair guidance and eases cleaning.
Easy removable blade set allows quick blade set change to optional available Carving or Designer blade sets.
Cord/cordless operation, 2 hours super quick charge. Up to 100 minutes battery operating time.
Slideswitch with integrated charge control.
Super light and quiet. Only 130 g.
1 variable attachment comb 3-6 mm
charging stand (fits also for motion)
energy-efficient plug-in transformer
cleaning brush
clipper oil
technical data
Cutting system Interchangeable stainless steel blade set STAR BLADE II
Cutting length 0.4 mm
Cutting width 32 mm
Drive DC motor with sound proofing, approx. 5600 rpm
Type of Operation Cord/cordless (Two Way)
Operating voltage 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz via plug-in-transformer
Operation time Up to 100 min. (battery)
Charging time 120 min. quick Charge
Dimensions 150x 33 x 35 mm
Weight 130 g

Ermila Motion Nano
Innovative cord / cordless trimmer No. 1585-0040
 102,90 €*  Delivery:
 incl. VAT & shipping*  3-5 workdays

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